Saturday, June 19, 2010

Father's Day Gift

Tomorrow is Father's Day and I thought it would be nice for Beth to do something different for her Daddy. So I got a canvas and some non-toxic paint and this is what happened....

A very dirty foot

A very dirty (but happy) baby
And one of her trying to run away with a very dirty bum
The finished product. My daughter the artist :-)

Friday, June 18, 2010

9 Months Old Today

Thought it was time for another update. Beth is 9 months old today. She has been standing independently for just over a week but no attempts at walking yet. She can get everywhere she wants by crawling so I dont think she is bothered to walk yet. Thats my baby and me above. She is not a cuddler at all as you can see.
This is the dress I think she'll be wearing for the photo shoot we'll do soon. My friends bought a voucher for Beth's Christening 3 months ago! I dont know what to wear myself. Was hoping to lose some more weight before that though. I've lost 3.5kg since I started back on the wii after my trip to Dublin with Mum 2 weeks ago. Not too bad but a long way to go yet!

This is Beth's "what you talkin' 'bout" face. She is the image of her Dad here.

I don't know why but there's something so nice about watching her when she has her back to me. She's so vunerable and there's only me to protect her from the bad things in this world. She trusts me completely and that makes me feel incredibly priviliged and so happy there are not enough words to describe it

This is Beth showing her new "oh so attractive" habit of blowing spit bubbles.... Woody from Toy Story is her new best friend. She loves making him dance as it makes loads of noise on the laminate floor.
I'm glad it's the weekend so I get to spend 2 full days with her