Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Weight loss

Been a while again!

My little girl is now 1 year and 7 months old. Beth is so brilliant. This morning when I went into her room she was laughing and gave me a big smile. I'm not usually a morning person but she turns me into one :-) She has lots of words now and I can ask her what she wants when she gets annoyed. It's usually walk, cheerios, drink or pets (wonder pets cartoon). She loves the bath and swimming pool and we try to go once a week. I get a lot more hugs now. She just gets a notion and says hug and starts running for me. She has her tantrum-y moments but mostly she is a good kid. Peas (please) and dac oo (thank you) are being used more often too. Here are some photos At the beach over Easter

On St. Patricks Day

At the pool

Posing at breakfast :-)

Checking the time with a dandelion

Still doing weight watchers and have lost 2st 4lb so far. I'm down 2 dress sizes since starting. I think it's beginning to show :-) This is me exactly a year ago and a lot less tanned :-) (fake btw)
Bye for now :-)