Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Finally, Devil in the Clouds is live!

It's done, it's finally done! Devil in the Clouds is available on Amazon. It was an exciting weekend to get this up and running. It is off to a good start too! So, go join the queue for a great summer read.

Speaking of summer, temperatures are heating up here on the east coast of Ireland. Just in time too, as Vantastival is in less than two weeks. You can read about our experiences of last year here. Can't wait to shake out the tent and don the flowers in the hair. I'll be sure to write all about it here. I plan to see more music this year. Last year, Beth got her way more times than was necessary. I have her warned that she'll be going to more bands. I have a provisional list of who I want to see. They are:

Corner Boy
Evil Presidentes

The Flaws
Fierce Mild
Words That Burn

Black Svan
Wood Burning Savages

Obviously, I want to see a lot more, but, with Beth, I have to divide my time between what's fun for her and what suits me. Vantastival is so handy as we live very close by. Only ten or fifteen minutes drive. So, we will camp out Friday and Saturday night. Then, I'll drop Beth with my Mum for a sleepover on the Sunday and come back out to Delorentos. Everybody is happy! Can't wait!