Friday, June 22, 2012

Bleeker Avenue Update

On Wednesday I received my manuscript back from my editor Clare Keogh. I highly recommend her as an editor. She is competitively priced, personable and fantastic to work with. I would have no hesitation in using her for my next project.

So far, I have queried six agents for my novel. I have to almost force myself to hit send (just email submissions at the moment). It is so nerve-wracking. I'm terrified there will be a spelling mistake or something stupid in the mail I missed and my query will be thrown out before they even look at the sample writing. I know for the most part this fear is unfounded as I had Clare check over my query letter too. I just can't help feeling terrified. What if I can't get an agent? Well, I suppose there is always self-publishing and believe me, I will go down that route if the traditional way doesn't work out! With every reply, I have to remember that every rejection brings me closer to my goal.

Now the waiting game starts. My nails are gone.... I chew them to pieces while writing. I know some of you reading this are disgusted :-) I used to have lovely nails, I miss them! I am a nervous eater. I'll have to watch that over the next while. Don't want a return to Weight Watchers.

Summer hasn't arrived in Ireland yet. As I write this, the wind and rain are battering my poor garden. I've brought my tomato plants inside, poor things, they are not doing well. My BBQ has just been blown over too!

I love the bad weather. Makes me feel safe inside. I prefer it at Christmas though! Speaking of which, there are just over six months to go till the holiday season. I enjoy it so much more now with Beth here. It'll be her 4th Christmas!

Closer celebrations include my birthday in just over a month and Beth's in September. I love planning for them. My own will be a BBQ (weather permitting) in my house. Beth's will either be a princess or Alice In Wonderland theme. I have big plans for her cake but it's a surprise :-) Hopefully I can pull it off!

Now, to find something to stop me refreshing gmail every 5 minutes!

Beth enjoying a rare sunny day in the Botanic Gardens, Belfast


  1. I'm a nail-biter too. Bad habit, but really hard to break. I never have long nails and I've just accepted it. :)

    Congrats on hearing back from your editor and stepping into the query pool. Just sit back and relax. Go play with that little one to distract yourself. :) You can do it! Good luck!

    1. Thanks Krista. Hope you get that job! Fingers crossed for you :-)