Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Today is my Birthday

I turned 31 today and I don't feel any different. I know it is just another day but for the last few years my birthdays have been 'special' ones. 

When I turned 28 I was pregnant with Beth. It was nice thinking that the following year it wouldn't be just me anymore. I was almost eight months at that stage and was very uncomfortable. Beth's head was right under my ribs and constantly kicking me. I was celebrating with my friends but did not stay out long.

Turning 29 was great because it was the last one of my 20's. I went for a meal with my friends and then on to a pub. I think I was home by midnight! 

Of course, last year was a big one. Moving into my 30's was a pivotal part of my life. I was no longer overweight and I had a renewed sense of who I was and where I wanted to go. I was content with my life and where it was heading.

In the last year, I have written several short stories, articles and a novel. Currently, I have two books in progress. I am doing what I have always dreamed of doing, writing. Last week, my first novel The Secret Beneath Bleeker Avenue went on sale on Amazon. This is an exciting time in my life.

Maybe today doesn't feel as special as the last few years because it's just another number. I suppose my next 'big one' will be my 40th. Maybe it is because I'm realising every day is special. Maybe I'm just getting to a point in my life when birthdays just don't mean as much as they used to.

Whatever it is, it doesn't matter. My 30's are going to be great. The whole decade will be special. These are the years that will matter.

My  birthday BBQ was a little too much excitement for Beth

Irish BBQ's are not easy!


  1. Happy ( belated) birthday! I am at the other end of my 30s and must confess I enjoyed them more than my 20s - I was a lot more self-assured and took more risks. I've had a bit of a back to front life but your path is unique to you isn't it, at the end of the day? Good luck with your writing : ) xx