Sunday, May 11, 2014

Giro D'Italia 2014

I'm thrilled to say I got to watch the Giro D'Italia today, in my home town!! Today marked the third stage in this year's race. It began in Armagh, over the border, and ran through Dundalk on its merry way to Dublin. I have been looking forward to this since it was announced as I'm a cycling fan. Usually, I just follow the Tour De France, but I think the Giro is growing on me ;-)

It was great tourism for the town and felt like the entire population of County Louth turned out to see these amazing Lycra-clad men. Lots of the businesses in town had painted their fronts pink in honour of the race's pink jersey. Made me very proud of my home town, the atmosphere was brilliant. I took some video for the blog, but it doesn't want to upload for me. I did take some photos...

The Square in Dundalk.

Looking down Park St.

The window display of The Candy Store

Don't let the sunshine fool you, the rain poured down on us a few times! What a downpour!!

The front runners (the breakaway)

The peleton (is it called the peleton in the Giro??)


And again

And again

And again

And again

And again

And again

Finally ;-)

I heard there was a crash as they entered the town. Haven't watched the Eurosport coverage yet though. 

Great day for Dundalk.

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