Tuesday, September 9, 2014


What is it about deadlines that make me want to clean my house?? Devil in the Clouds is due to go to my editor on Friday. I'm doing a final read through before then and have found loads I want to change and correct. I'll be very busy for a few days.

After DITC is gone, I plan to dust off Allie's Return and finish the first draft! I'd like to have that completed before 1st November. I want November free for NaNoWriMo. I haven't a project in mind, but I'm sure I'll scare up something before then. Hopefully!!
Feeling a bit like Calvin today!
Has anyone a plan for NaNoWriMo yet?


  1. Deadlines are definitely motivating for me. When I was in college and I didn't want to do an assignment, I'd actually want to clean the bathroom. That's how bad my procrastination gets. :)

    I don't have a plan for NaNo yet, but I'm thinking of rewriting an old novel to make it better for the month. :)

    1. Hi Krista, hope you are keeping well :) Glad I'm not the only procrastinator!