Sunday, May 9, 2010

Beautiful Days

It was a gorgeous day here yesterday and Beth and I spent a long time in the park looking at the ducks and rolling around on the grass. This was Beth's first time ever touching grass. She loved every minute of it and pulled out hand fulls. She was also covered in factor 50 sun screen. She was not happy about getting that!
Here she is discovering the cherries on her dress and standing with one hand holding on. Yesterday she managed to balance for a couple of seconds without holding onto anything. She's constantly practicing. She cant wait to be running around the house giving me heart attacks
Today I gave her mince mixed up with some veg. This did not go down well but she is ok now and is fast asleep. Usually she will sleep 7pm-6/7am but now that she is teething it's all over the place. This morning we were awake at 5.30am. It is now 20.20 and I am wrecked!
The cheeky grin here makes me think she knows she's keeping Mommy from her sleep!

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