Saturday, May 22, 2010


So today I had an exam and Beth stayed with her grandparents last night. I had a great sleep, best one in months but I missed her so much! I can hear her breathing over the baby monitor now and everything is right with the world again :-)
We had a beautiful day here and I went to look at the market stalls in town after the exam. I wanted to pick up something nice for Beth's room as it looks so bare. I picked up a pretty cool wooden zebra but when I showed it to her she got quite upset! So I guess it's going in my room for now. Her Dad is going to paint the room soon. Pink and green. He picked the colours....hope he knows what he's doing!
Beth was cutting her 4th tooth when I took this picture. It was around 9pm and she normally goes to bed at 7pm but she was so upset I let her sit up to watch corrie with me. All she did was cuddle into me which would have been very cute if I didn't know she was hurting.
This is one of the pictures Beth's Dad sent me while I was at work. I nearly fell off my chair I was laughing that much!! She's wearing her Granny's glasses. I'm still amazed she stayed still long enough for him to take the picture. She's such a wriggler.
These next 2 pictures are when she was watching the Grinch who stole Christmas. At first she wasn't sure but then Jim Carrey won her over. She wasn't that fussed on Happy Feet but I thought it was brill.

She turned 8 months on Tuesday but even though it is such a short time I couldn't imagine my life without her. Love you, baby girl x

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