Monday, February 13, 2012

Rainy Mondays

It is a rainy, miserable Monday here in Ireland. Beth is at crèche while I sit here on my laptop. There has been no writing done this morning as I have been trying to upload my manuscript to but having no luck! I have also been dabbling in book covers and have come to the conclusion I need help. I cannot design a nice cover.
We are to have visitors from Blackpool this weekend. Beth has already started calling her Grandad her best friend. They have only met once before now when she was 8 months old so I thought it best to start talking about him before he comes to stay. The spare room is in dire need of cleaning out. I will also need to relocate my desk for the weekend. There is not enough room to swing a cat in there (should you feel the need to swing a cat, I, of course, don’t!).

Beth went to the circus with her Dad on Saturday. I have not seen the photos yet. Her favourite parts were the clowns. She was very disappointed there were no elephants. My Mum had told her there would be some….woops!
Beth chillin'....


  1. It is miserable day here in the states as well. Your little girl is adorable! And such a cheerful, sunny yellow cardigan!

  2. I bet those will be some adorable photos. Lucky you -- even a miserable day in Ireland is a beautiful one. Good luck with Authonomy. I tried that once, but it was difficult to get good ratings because everyone's competing for the same prize.

  3. Thanks Lauren and yes, the cardigan is a gorgeous colour. It was handmade by a family friend. Makes it even nicer!
    Doralynn, I finally got it uploaded and I'm inundated with people asking me to read theirs. Will have to pick and choose or I'd be there all day!