Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dundalk 10k Road Race

This year, on the 9th May, I will be running the Dundalk 10k Road Race. Today, I started training. I left Beth to crèche in record time and jogged most of the way home. The distance is about 1.5k and I made it home in about 10 minutes. Not great time but I'm quite happy as I did manage to keep jogging the majority of the time.

Last year I was a stone heavier than I am now and I watched my sister cross the finish line. I promised myself I would do it this year when I had gotten to my ideal weight and could do it properly.

I'm hoping my new runners will not look so shiny when May rolls around. Incidentally, these would be my first ever branded runners. Will they really make a difference?

At least training for the 10k will take my mind off the ABNA contest. I have started editing Bleeker Avenue again but know I'm too close to the book to see all the typos and inconsistencies. So, a fellow writer friend and I have decided to meet once a week to review and critique each others work. I'm a little nervous but know it will be the best thing for Bleeker.

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