Friday, March 9, 2012


Last Monday Beth and I headed to the beautiful village of Carlingford, just north of Dundalk. We stayed in The Four Seasons for 3 nights and had a great time. Unfortunately, the weather was not the best and we only got out to the beach for about 20 minutes before the wind and rain sent us running for the hotel.

The hotel was fantastic. The staff were brilliant and always had a few words for Beth. The children’s menus were diverse enough. Beth loves broccoli and was given a mountain of it at dinner times. All the seating areas are perfect for young kids. Nearly every chair had arms on it so they could be pushed right up to the table and limit the chances of little people falling off. Beth refuses to go into high chairs and I personally think 2.5 years is too old for a high chair.

There is also a Leisure Centre and Beth and I spent a lot of time in the pool. She is quite confident in the water and can even do a doggy paddle with arm bands on. I am thinking of starting her in Swim Academy at the local pool when she turns 3 this September.

I enjoyed spending time just the two of us. I had quite a few people comment on how well behaved she was, staff and fellow residents. She really is a joy to be with!


  1. Fab blog, I'll be a regular viewer, Aideen

  2. Looks like fun!

    I'll be watching the ABNA roster early next week ...

    Looks like the reviews come on Sunday to CreateSpace. I'm guessing whatever these reviews say will be a good indication on whether or not either of us will be advancing.

    1. Bobbie, I've been checking createspace and the ABNA boards every 5 minutes for the last 2 days! I'm so nervous!
      Good Luck!!

  3. How did you do with ABNA?

    I did not make it . . .

    Jumping back on that horse this morning and writing regardless.

    1. Hiya Bobbie,
      I didn't make it either, see todays post.
      I'm the same. Doesn't stop me :)