Friday, April 6, 2012


I hate wasting food. I don’t like leaving food on a plate, whether it’s in my own house or in a restaurant waste really bugs me. Having to throw out fruit, vegetables and potatoes annoys me worst of all.
The problem is that a lot of fruit, veg and potatoes are cheaper to buy in bulk. Having only two of us in this house means that quite a bit goes to waste, unfortunately.

So, that is why this year I have decided to grow my own in an effort to cut back on cost and waste. Tomatoes, onions, carrots and potatoes. It’s a pity I can’t grow bananas and oranges but we never waste them.

These are my tomatoes...

Down the back of my garden are carrots and onions...

I'm afraid the snow and freezing cold weather last week may have killed my potatoes but I'll keep my fingers crossed for them! I used to grow all kinds of things when I was younger and was quite successful so hopefully my efforts pay off this time. If not, there's always next year :-)

Beth loves the garden too...

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