Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Music to watch the world by

What is your favourite music? I like to listen to different music that reflects my mood at any given time.

When I’m lonely for adult company I listen to the radio. Always 2FM when I’m at home during the day but this is more for the connection to the outside world than the music. It took me a while to warm to Hector (Irish DJ) in the morning but now he’ll be sure to put a smile on my face. I love the oldies at lunchtime, Colm Hayes and Cormac Battle. There is very little music I hate hearing on the radio but I have to turn it off when a certain solo female artist comes on.

When I’m feeling nostalgic for my younger school days I like to stick on Placebo or Oasis and sing at the top of my voice. I thought I had been a Blur girl until someone handed me What’s the Story Morning Glory. Don’t get me wrong, I still love Blur but there’s something catchy about 3-chord-Oasis that really makes me want to rock out :-) When I miss my college days I listen to Gomez, John Lennon and my cabin crew days are attached to Simon and Garfunkel.

When I’m out jogging (only 3 weeks left to the 10k road race) Electric Light Orchestra’s Mr. Blue Skies is my starting point. Always makes me feel top of the world. For jogging I also like certain Placebo songs and Rod Stewart’s Maggie May (You know I can hear you laughing from here, yeah?). If it’s a long run I just let the MP3 player play whatever while I concentrate on breathing and not falling over!

For after break-ups and when people are really annoying me it has to be Alanis Morissette. She helps me release my angst and cry and feel empowered again. Hail to you Alanis :-)

Throughout it all though there are artists that just fit in anywhere and everywhere. Don McLean, The Clash, The Jam, T-Rex, The Who, Colin Hay and the Carpenters. They are my staples.

For me, music is part of my everyday, the way I breathe, the way I cope, escape and live.

My Little Rockstar!

 Oh, by the way, I am a Grobanite and the song I'm listening to now is You Are Loved.


  1. I tend to like lous stuff--rebellious or angry or angsty. I like grunge or alternative... some metal... though I also have a folk history--the Simon and Garfunkle, Carol King, Janis Joplin--even Neil Diamond.

  2. What a darling little rock star!

    It's fascinating how music seems to be a catalyst or, if you like, a translator for me. I tend to hum loud, strong-beat songs from whatever era if I'm in a good mood. I like most music; it's easier to say what I don't like.

    I've found that some songs help me to concentrate my thoughts about a certain thing I may be writing. The relationship between two characters that formed a love story was clarified in my mind while I was listen to Roger Whittaker's old song 'The Last Farewell' (for heaven's sake!

  3. What a darling Rock Star! She's got quite a style!


  4. Don't you listen to Tubs too in the morning ;)? He's on just after Hector and always lifts my spirits.