Monday, July 16, 2012

How many rejection letters are too many?

I'm afraid I've been neglecting my blog again! I really have no excuses. Bold me!

Still no good news from querying so it looks like I'll have to re-do my first few chapters in an attempt to get some positive feedback. Last night I stayed up until 1am to fill in a form for Pan Macmillian's Manuscript Monday. Every Monday, between 10am and 4pm AEST, they accept queries for unsolicited manuscripts. As I live in Ireland and the form had to be filled in on their page it meant a late one for me. At least it is sent off now.

There is some good news on the writing front though. I won't be saying anything here until it comes to pass but watch this space.

All I can think of are the queries I have sent out and how many have not replied. Every time an email comes through my heart skips a beat. 

I have given myself the deadline of the end of August for Bleeker Avenue. If there has been no feedback by then I will re-access where to go next with it. Maybe a full overhaul is needed.

The big question is... How many rejection letters are too many? 

I'm planning on baking a rainbow cake for Beth's birthday. What do you think of my first attempt?


  1. That rainbow cake looks delicious! :)

    And rejections letters come and go, I don't think there's a set number for "too many". J.K. Rowling was rejected plenty of times. You press on. ;)

    Good luck with revisions! :)

  2. Even Stephen King had dozens of rejections before he made it big with Carrie. One rejection even said "We are not interested in science fiction which deals with negative utopias. They do not sell"!

  3. I wish you the best of luck with Bleeker Avenue and I'm sure you'll get there eventually :). Yesterday, there was a woman on Colm Hayes who had published a book on succesful self-publishing. Was really interesting to listen to her. But you've tried that before, haven't you?

  4. No, I haven't self-published yet Julia. I must see if I can listen to yesterdays show. I'd love to hear what she said.
    I think the problem lies with my first chapter. It's just not 'punchy' enough!

  5. You can find a replay of the show here ("Self-Publishing"):

    And this is your woman's website ;):

  6. Thanks for the links Julia. That was a good interview. Surprised I missed it as I'm always listening in to Colm!