Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Writing, Querying and Green Fingers

First of all, happy July 4th to all you Americans out there. Hope you have a great day.

I sure hope your weather is good for today. Here in Ireland the summer hasn't started yet. Raining everyday for weeks! I did manage to get the grass cut in the back garden before the rain started again in the evening on Sunday. Bloody nettles were threatening to take over.

Thankfully, my attempts at growing my own are going well. The carrots and onions are growing nicely, the potatoes are looking good (above ground plants are anyway) and my tomatoes, well they don't look great but there is good news....
The first of the tomatoes has sprouted forth. I also discovered Instagram on this day too. I went round photographing everything in close up. This little green tomato is only slightly bigger than a cherry tomato at the moment.

I've taken a little break from writing the sequel to Bleeker Avenue. Rachael is just not ready to talk yet. Instead Katherine (aka Kate) has stepped out of my psyche and onto the page. She just got an interview for a job that is going to change her whole life!

Still querying agents and publishers for Bleeker Avenue. A few rejections so far but it's all par for the course.  I'm reading a lot of articles about the slush pile and agent blogs out there. One in particular I found very interesting It Came from the Slush Pile. Just stick to the submission guidelines. If your novel is good it won't need glitter and bells to find an agent/publisher.

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