Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Don't Stay Away Too Long

It's been a while since I blogged. I have been busy but that's no excuse! I need to stay regular with my blogging or I get out of the habit of it. If I stay away too long it can be hard to get back into.

News with me... Well, first off, Beth and I are heading to London next week and staying with a friend of mine. We met when I worked in Ryanair ten years ago, we've lots of reminiscing to do :) I'm planning to take Beth to the Natural History Museum, Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace, maybe to Kensington to see if we can catch a glimpse of the new prince ;) I'm so excited, London is a fantastic city.

It was my birthday last week. I turned 32 and it feels no different! But, I had a lovely meal out with my family on the day and a great night out with friends at the weekend.
My little princess and me
Weight loss:
Well, I did lose 1.5lb last week but at my weigh in yesterday I had stayed the same. I'm actually quite glad as I did over-indulge for my birthday! So...
Current weight: 10st 6.5lb
Total loss: 5.5lb
Goal: 10st

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