Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Great Start

I was at my Weight Watchers meeting this morning and I am down 4lb. I'm delighted. It's a great start and I hope I'll be able to keep it up.

I didn't starve myself, nothing like that. I was just careful not to over-indulge and my portion sizes went down a bit too.

Currently: 10 stone 8 pound
Loss so far: 4lb
Goal: 10 stone for the moment.

It's my 32nd birthday next week so I may have a few pound on the week after. I'll try not to go too mad but we will be having a family meal in my favourite Italian restaurant on the Thursday and then, a night out on the tiles on the Saturday night. I'll have to be very good the rest of the time!

No other major news. Still working on DITC. I've decided to do up the house a little (along with the garden). I'm going for a Cath Kidston kind of style. I will post photos when it's all done. I have been buying bits and pieces for the last few weeks. Want to have it nice for Beth's birthday in September!

Weather is still really good but the blue skies are set to break today. No sign of the rain yet though :-)

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