Tuesday, September 3, 2013

School Days

I know it is a bit late to be saying this but Beth started in her big school last Thursday! This is the first moment I've had to get on here to announce it :-) It is still technically pre-school but she has left her creche and is now in the school she will be attending until she is 11/12. She also has a little uniform!
My gorgeous girl on her first day
I was afraid I would be crying my eyes out, on the first morning, as she took little steps into a new big world. What I didn't expect was to be smiling from ear to ear as I walked away. Yes, I do feel a little sad. I feel sad because for, at least, the next thirteen years my little girl's life will be all about uniforms, packed lunches, schedules, tests, grades, P.E. (ugh!) and all that goes with school. Personally, I think our education system leaves a lot to be desired! If we lived close to a Steiner school she would be attending that instead! However, her school is said to be the best in town and we've had her name down for it since she was six months old!

The reason I was smiling was simply because she is taking that step. She's growing up, gaining more independence. Beth will always be my little girl but she is her own person too. She needs to learn and meet new friends and I'm so excited for her. I'm also thankful she is capable of making this big step, my little girl is healthy as an ox and I'm so so thankful!!

Nearly three and a half years ago, when I started this blog, Beth was only seven months old. In two weeks she will turn four! Everyone remarks how time is going so quick, but I don't like to think of it like that. I'm loving every stage that Beth has gone through and, even though she can be a right wee madam sometimes, I love this stage she's at right now. I don't like to think of the years as flying by. Today is a day of possibilities, as is tomorrow and every day that comes to greet us. The past was great, the future will be brilliant but what I love is right now, and making the most of it!

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