Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Beth's 4th Birthday

A week ago, my little girl turned the big 4! Beth, her dad and I went out to our favourite restaurant for dinner. She really enjoyed it. I had asked her what she wanted to do for her birthday and her reply was for the museum, library and a restaurant for dinner. The county museum isn't exactly huge but she loves it. Three levels are stationary and the top floor has temporary exhibits. The one at the moment has personal accounts from people living in Northern Ireland in the wake of the Troubles. Of course, Beth wanted to know what it was all about but I just gave a description in general terms. Four is not the age to learn about all that!

On Saturday, we threw a party for all Beth's friends (not the school ones yet). It was a Peter Pan themed party with an Indian camp outside (tee-pees), pirates in the kitchen and fairies all over the place. Beth was dressed as a mermaid. First, it was Wendy, then Tinkerbell but finally, she settled on a mermaid. I made the costume and I think it turned out ok (after a rocky, bad sewing, start). There were thirteen kids and seventeen adults. I think the highlight was the crocodile pinata. Everyone had great fun beating it!!

Took six hours to bake and ice the cake but it was yummy! I made the little Peter, Wendy, John and Michael cut outs for the top of the cake. 

It was a brilliant day!

Indian Camp

Beth having a go at the pinata

My little mermaid (Quite proud of my sewing efforts)

The cake. Wasn't a rainbow cake, just red and blue layers.

Wendy, John and Michael flying across the kitchen. Bit of cardboard and a little paint :-)

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