Friday, January 3, 2014

Resolutions 2014

New Years Resolutions 2013:

1. Finish Devil in the Clouds  Done. I'm still polishing it off though. Always something to do!

2. Enter the ABNA Done. I entered with Bleeker Avenue. Didn't win, obviously.

3. Learn to drive Done. I have my provisional and even my own little car!

4. Get more writing jobs Done, sort of. Will explain more when I know more ;-)

5. Stop eating rubbish and get back down to my ideal weight (not sure what weight I am but know it's not ideal). A big no on this one, especially this Christmas and it leads on to a big no on number 6.

6. Start jogging again and complete the Dundalk 10k in May. I did start jogging again but didn't enter the 10k. Bold me ;-)

Time for the new ones...

New Years Resolutions 2014:

1. Get a novel traditionally published (this one would tie in with winning the lotto, given my remote chances)

2. Enter Devil in the Clouds into ABNA

3. Finish my third novel, Allie's Return, started during NaNoWriMo

4. Start jogging again, get fit and lose the Christmas pounds

5. Visit somewhere new (outside Ireland)

2013 was a good year. There were lots of celebrations, holidays and fun times. Beth started school and ballet classes. We both made new friends and tried different things. I hope 2014 is just as great for us and for all you who read my blog!!


  1. That's the beauty of a New Year, we begin anew, clean slate, fresh start and time to get things done! Congratulations on the goals you reached and good luck on the goals you've set!
    Happy New Year! :)

    1. Thanks Mimi! I love the New Year, so many possibilities when you give yourself a clean slate. :-)

  2. Those are great goals! I wish you the best with your writing and other goals. I've love to be published this year too. Guess I should start buying lottery tickets! :)

    1. Happy New Year Krista! I do the lotto every week. Will probably win that before getting published and chances of winning the Irish lotto are 1 in 8,145,060! But, we write because we love it, right?? :-D