Monday, January 20, 2014


Good morning readers :-)

How are you all on this bright Monday morning?

I'm feeling grand! Up since 7am, got Beth to school, took the dog for a walk and began the re-edit of Devil in the Clouds. I've also to do a new pitch and it's all to do with the announcement of the seventh Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award a few days ago. I love entering this competition, mainly for the camaraderie on the boards. The support there is fantastic!

I had a great weekend too. Well, apart from a little sickness yesterday but, thankfully, it passed with lots of Lemsip and vitamin C.

You know, I think it may be the reappearance of the sun that has me in such a good mood today. I may skip all the way to the school to collect Beth ;-)

Anyone else out there doing the ABNA? Join the crazy writers, it's fun!


  1. Wow. I can't say that I'm feeling "grand" as I've been sick all week but I'm up and I'm at my computer, I've eaten something, done some chores and haven't napped once so that's more than I've done most of the week! Good luck on your submission with Amazon. I hope you'll keep us posted on what all of that entails and I'm happy your sickness has passed!

    1. Aw Mimi, I hope you feel better soon. I usually bounce back quite quick if I start on the Lemsip as soon as it hits. Only thing that works for me!