Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Full School Year Already

So, there it is, a full school year done already. Beth had a bit of a rocky start. It wasn't until after the Halloween break that she settled in. I suppose she did take to it relatively easy. After being in a creche for three years, the school setting wasn't too much of a change. The uniform, however, was not the prettiest! Gray jumper and black tracksuit for a little princess more used to pink tutus!

Tomorrow marks the end. Eight weeks of holidays to follow. She was feeling a bit emotional today, bedtime was a fraught affair. At least, that might be the reason. She could just have been acting the little diva. 

I could say all the usual things like 'that year has flown' and 'she's getting so grown up', but in truth, I don't feel that way because the year is ending. I feel it has run it has course and I'm ready for the summer holidays (I'm actually nearly ready for school in September, but that's another blog post!). As for Beth being so grown up? Well, every day she surprises me with how mature she is (the diva bit isn't usual). She is so easy to reason with, have the craic with etc. She's more 14 than 4. 

I have a theory that it is mainly to do with her being an only child in a single parent environment. I have to be strict with her. Her personality means that she is constantly trying to rule the roost. From a very young age, even younger than now, I had expected more from her than would be expected of her peers. I'm not sure this is a good thing and worry I'm doing the wrong thing. I suppose every parent worries they are doing the wrong thing at times. Does any parent get it ALL right??

Anyway, she's a happy, bright kid whom I adore. Man, am I lucky!!

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