Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Summer Holidays

We've had a few unsettled weeks here on the east coast of Ireland. Every second day seems to be nice, but there is no telling how the day will pan out. Not unusual to see people walking around sweating in coats and encumbered by golf umbrellas. I'm hopeful we will have a nice summer though. 

Beth gets her holidays at the end of this month. Then she has two months off before she begins Junior Infants. I'm excited to see her in a little pinafore and out of the tracksuit uniform of the pre-school. We've been spending a good bit of time outside now the weather is a bit warmer. There's an old joke about the way you know it's summer in Ireland... the rain is warmer. We get an awful lot of rain here. Great for the plants but not great for the tan ;-)

She's getting so grown up looking!

Our new activity... Rainbow Looms

Having fun in the garden
Now that Beth is a little older and easier for babysitters, I have started to get out of the house a little more. I joined a drama group. They are hoping to put on a play in October and I may have a part in it. I'm also going to join a martial arts class. My tummy is looking a bit round so I need to get back into shape. Beth went to a martial arts class last night and loved it. It looked a little tough (I'm thinking about me here, she was well able for the exercises) but I hope I can get through the class without keeling over!

I feel like I'll never be finished editing DITC. AR is moving along, albeit very slowly, but at least there is movement. I suppose the next stage for DITC is a professional edit but I just don't have the spare cash for it right now. I'm wondering how I'm going to find time to write/edit when Beth finishes school for the summer!

Anyway, back to the edit!


  1. It sounds like you've been enjoying your days! Other than rain. The drama group sounds like lots of fun! :)

    I know how it feels with the editing. I'm working on an old novel and can't seem to find the place where I feel like the revisions are the best. :)

    1. Hiya Krista, thanks for stopping by. Hope your revisions go well :-)