Monday, January 12, 2015

105 and counting

Today's post is number 105! I started this blog in April 2010, almost five years ago. I didn't post much at first. Not until I began to take my writing career seriously at the end of 2011. I don't post as often as I should, but I'm still here! Sometimes, I write about the everyday boring stuff. Other days, I write about things that go through my insecure writer's brain. It can be scary to put my insecurities out there, for all and sundry to read, should they want to. My fear often holds me back, so I stick to the general sides of my life. 

Do you ever feel, if you were to show people what goes on in your head they might run for the hills, screaming?

At night, I think too much. Conversations, ideas, wishful thinking all clamour for attention. I imagine full lives played out from my pillow at midnight. If only I had an off switch...

Our Christmas Tree and new Christmas train

Striking a pensive pose

Christmas Morning

With Santa on Christmas day

Girl meets world

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