Thursday, November 3, 2016

At work, the diet is king

I work in a large open plan office. It can be difficult at times and if you have ever worked in an office you will know why, I am not going to spell it out here.

One good thing about working in a large office is that there is always someone with a new fad diet to try and company along the arduous journey to thin.

A few months ago, at the start of the year, a few of them got into this skinny tea/coffee phase. I think it was basically a laxative. It worked for some, but not all. One girl looked brilliant after doing it a few weeks, but I think she might have been starving herself too. Problem for me was that it was too expensive. I could not reconcile the cost when I could just eat less and get the same result. So that was a miss.

I thought about going back to weight watchers. It worked for me before and I always said I need someone to be on my case once a week if I am not losing. However, that’s another cost and I am doing my best to be good with my spending.

I have gotten into a smoothie buzz lately. The other half adds protein powder, but it does not agree with me, at all! So my general smoothie is:

Lots of spinach
Chia seeds
Coconut oil

I have been taking this for breakfast most mornings for about three months now. I have gotten used to the taste, the majority of the time I do not grimace. I think I eat healthier now than I ever did in the past. I need to! I turned 35 this year. I have to look after this old body ;-)

So, the newest diet in the old workplace is the ‘no sugar’ diet. Like literally no sugar. Not even the naturally occurring sugar in fruit. It did interest me. I wanted something to spur me on and be really difficult for a while. One of the ladies at work does it for twelve days at a time.  Yesterday I was bemoaning how my coffee would taste if I did it. I usually take three teaspoons of sugar in my very strong coffee every morning. She told me it would not be too bad. I did not believe her. It wasn’t though. I tried a light coffee this morning without my sugar and it was grand, drinkable. However, I still had a banana in my breakfast smoothie and one before I started writing… so bold! We will see how long I last (not long, I suspect!).

Any takers on this crazy diet? No? Just me? OK then!

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