Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Progress, however small, is still progress

I was going to do a weekly update about my weight loss but I'm here now so might as well give an update. I'm down 1lb. It's not much but I always believe slow and steady wins the race. Besides, I'm not going to starve myself and Easter is this weekend...

Current Weight: 10st 10lb
Goal: 10st

In other writerly news, I'm going to be interviewed on the local radio LmFm next Tuesday, 2nd April and my books will be on sale in an actual bookshop this week! Very exciting.

Would you believe it's STILL winter here. As I write this, snow is pelting against the window. Unfortunately, it's not sticking but it sure is purty :-) This time last year I had a BBQ in my back garden for my family! Global warming my bum! ;-)

The Demesne, Dundalk (IRE not MD) 

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