Monday, April 1, 2013

Two weddings, three days!

Although I knew my Dad was planning to get remarried soon, I was not expecting the phone call on Saturday to say he booked the minister for 15th April. While this is great news, I also have a wedding on the 13th April!

On the 13th April, my very good friend is getting married. Beth and I have been looking forward to this day for months. We've had our outfits planned and our little jobs at the wedding assigned. The ceremony is in a little village outside Dundalk and then on to Cabra Castle in Cavan. We are also staying the night in Cabra Castle. I can't wait as it is supposed to be fantastic!

On the 14th April, we will leave Cabra at around 11.30am (before check out!!) and head to Dublin airport. There, we will catch a plane to Blackpool, UK. It'll be our first flight just the two of us. Arriving in Blackpool at 3pm, we'll then be picked up and brought to the hotel for Beth to meet Dad's future wife's family. I have met some but not all. Will be fun.

On the 15th, at 2pm, Dad and his partner will tie the knot. I'm not sure where the reception will be yet but, undoubtedly, it will be great craic.

It'll be a busy few days for the two of us!

On weight loss news...

Current weight: 10st 7lb
Total loss so far: 4lb
Goal: 10st

Writerly news:

Interview with Gerry Kelly, Late Lunch on LmFm 95.8 Tuesday 2nd April

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