Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Blue Skies

Not sure what to write today. Haven't planned anything so will just wing it.

Outside, the skies are blue but it is still a little chilly. It's nice to see a bit of sun though, I might spend a bit of time in the garden later after I do a good bit on my MS. I'm finding it tough to finish. I don't know why exactly. I suppose it's to do with all the distractions lately, there has been so many! I was writing in my notebook mostly. Have to type it all up now but at least I'll catch mistakes easier.

I did a reading during the Dundalk Book Festival at the weekend. I really enjoyed doing it but the chapter I read had a mistake in it. So annoyed about that. I guess reading it a million times and sending it out to be edited still won't catch everything :-/
Doing a reading of Bleeker Avenue in The Panama Cafe, Dundalk
Last Tuesday, we got a dog. We are fostering her for three weeks before we can officially adopt her. Her name was Pep before she came to us, Beth has renamed her Pepperoni Pink Flower. She is a large Jack Russel Terrier and is so cute, she was even house trained!
She loves Beth and Beth loves her
It's been a bit of an adjustment but not completely different to how it was before. Just out in the park everyday, standing in the rain while she does her business, no major changes. She wants to sleep in Beth's bed every night but I'm not letting her. Would be afraid she'd scratch her by accident or Beth would wake her in the middle a bad dream and Pep would turn on her. 

A few little white fluffy clouds have appeared in the blue. Now, for a bit of writing...

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