Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Full nights sleep? What's that?

This Saturday is my friend Deborah's wedding. I'm very excited. Beth is too, it'll be her first wedding.
Beth's outfit for the wedding on Saturday
The reception will be held in the picturesque Cabra Castle and we will be staying over. However, there will be no sleep ins for us. At 11am the next day, we will head off to Dublin Airport for our flight at 2pm. We'll wing our way to Blackpool, arriving at 3pm and picked up by my Dad. 

The following day, at 2pm, we'll watch Dad marry his partner Imelda. Beth will be flower girl. She can't wait to dress up like a princess.
This is her flower girl dress.
There will be a gold ribbon around it to tie in with their colour scheme.
We'll be staying in Blackpool until Wednesday. Tuesday we will relax, explore a bit and spend time with my Dad, who plans to move to the Philippines in two weeks. He has lived there before and we keep in contact via Facebook.

The problem is this is the first time I'll be taking Beth away on my own. Last year, when we went to Spain, I had my sister to help with everything. Now, it's just me and a little girl who thinks she's a teenager. I'm having nightmares every night where Beth disappears, or something happens (in one dream, she was spirited away by penguins!!). Deep down I know everything will be fine but my over active imagination likes to play havoc with my stress levels. I need rescue remedy or failing that, a stiff drink!

In other news:

I'll be in the local paper, the Argus, today. A little piece on my book, now for sale in Carroll's Book Shop, Dundalk (Ireland, not Maryland). I'll also be doing a reading at Dundalk's Book Festival in the Panama Cafe on the 27th April. 


Current weight: 10st 6lb
Total loss: 5lb
Goal: 10st

I've started working on my flabby arms. They tend to jiggle a bit. I don't have weights so I'm just using two tins from the press. No results so far but hopefully soon. I can feel the aches when typing!


  1. It definitely sounds like you will be busy! I'm sure it will go well! Just be flexible. :)