Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Burn out

I'm afraid I burned out after I finished Devil in the Clouds. Trying to get my writing/blogging back on track now. I'll hopefully finish editing by the end of this month. There are a few things I want to put into the novel and lots of polishing to be done. It's funny how I know the differences between two words that sound the same but when I'm typing quickly my brain doesn't register and I spell something wrong. I'm forever finding 'here' when I mean 'hear' and visa versa.

The weather here in Ireland is fantastic! I've all the windows in the house open, a load of washing on the line, another in the machine and I'm sweating in my t-shirt and shorts (reminds me of the phrase "women don't sweat, they perspire"). Anyone reading who is from a country with reasonable weather won't understand the fascination we Irish have with good weather, it happens so rarely. There are so many sun burnt people going around it is crazy. When the good weather is in, sense is out! I was badly sun burnt when I was 11, I take care of my skin now. I've had a mole removed from my back, not cancerous, but it was removed 'just in case'. I've a few on my neck that cause me worry but the doc just says to coat them in factor 50 whenever I go out in the sun. I never tan anyway. I'm as white as the day I was born! My Sicilian friend is always laughing at how white I am, he can't get over it :-)

The garden is coming along nicely. I planted a few shrubs this week, the cornflowers have come out in beautiful pink, purples and blues and I have gotten rid of loads of weeds. I'll be putting up before and after pictures when it is all finished.

In other news, Beth and I went camping in Slane, Co. Meath last week. We stayed in at Slane Farm Hostel and Cottages. We had a wonderful time. The staff were so friendly and we had full use of the fruit, veg and herb garden. We were also allowed to collect our own eggs in the chicken coop. We will definitely be going back before the end of the summer.
Beth in the chicken coop

Up close and personal

Our tents with the chicken coop and garden in the background

The two of us at the Hill of Slane

The Tower

Beth and the donkey
It may not be everyone's cup of tea but we really enjoyed it! It has left me refreshed and ready to get back to writing.

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